​​​​​​Examples and facts, that surprise – and inspire
Did you know that a hole just one millimeter in size in a compressed-air line with a 6-bar operating pressure causes additional costs of around €1,100 per year? With two millimeters it is around €10,500 and with three millimeters it is almost €30,000. Sustainability in metalworking has many facets. Amongst them are those that we might not think of, like the example mentioned. And especially those can have a great impact with just a little effort. And others of course, like recycling which immediately comes to mind in metal cutting. But even here, the really interesting aspects often only become clear when you take a closer look. Both examples and much more is covered by the new Walter Whitepaper on »Sustainability in metal cutting« in a surprising variety of angles.​​​
Three topics are in the focus:
  • Circularity
    How do we close the circle in raw material extraction, reconditioning and disposal - not only of metal?

  • Energy, resources and CO2-emissions
    What are the possibilities? How do we exploit them?

  • The »resource« human being
    What are appropriate measures to maintain performance?

The new Walter Whitepaper not only shows a number of examples on how sustainability can be implemented and lived in companies; it also gives surprising insight to many: Sustainability is worthwhile - also financially.​

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