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Walter solid carbide milling – expertise from a single source

With milling systems for universal use, Walter is proving its extensive milling expertise. Individually tailored to your application – and designed so that you can make full use of the opportunities afforded to you today by innovative CAM technologies.

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Xi​ll·tec™​– universal excellence in milling

The Walter MC230 Advance solid carbide milling cutters

With Xill·tecTM, Walter offers an unparalleled range of milling cutters for universal use. With or without corner radius, reduced neck, variable helix, Weldon shank, etc. The solid carbide milling cutters from the MC230 Advance range cover around 80% of all roughing and finishing applications. This saves time and simplifies handling. Whether it's shoulder milling, full slotting, ramping or dynamic milling, their outstanding price-performance ratio and universal usability make Xill·tecTM from Walter Prototyp the best option in many cases.

Features and advantages from which you benefit:

    MC230 AdvanceUniquely wide product range – suitable for 80% of all milling applications in roughing and finishing, as well as a variety of milling strategies

    MC230 AdvanceUniversal usability due to an extensive application range

    MC230 AdvanceHigh level of cost-efficiency due to outstanding price/performance ratio, reduced inventory costs and long tool life

    MC230 Advance Ease of use – a single range for all applications and strategies, ease of operation via plug & play

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The specialist for dynamic milling

The Walter Prototyp MD133 Supreme solid carbide milling cutters

The milling cutters from the MD133 Supreme range are not only problem-solvers for roughing applications involving difficult-to-cut materials, they also impress with their excellent productivity and high metal removal rate. This is because they are specially designed for the requirements of dynamic milling. The use of the entire length of the cutting edge results in uniform wear and long tool life. Their minimal cutting width, high depth of cut and long cutting edge length enable maximum process reliability, for example with unmanned machining and a short machining time.

Features and advantages from which you benefit:

    Walter GPS Offline High level of process reliability, especially in unmanned machining; no problems working with materials that have difficult cutting properties or under unstable conditions

    Walter GPS Offline Maximum productivity and tool life due to uniform wear, highest metal removal rate and reduced machining time

    Walter GPS OfflineHigh level of flexibility for a variety of different cavities on the component (machining with a single tool diameter)
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Finishing – up to 90% faster

With the MD838 and MD839 Supreme circle segment milling cutters

Walter Prototyp MD838 Supreme and MD839 Supreme circle segment milling cutters are the benchmark when the focus is on the best machining time and surface quality when finishing. Like the MD133 Supreme roughing tools for dynamic milling, they unlock the potential of the latest CAM generation for finishing – and reduce the machining time by up to 90%! The reason for this is the geometry of the milling cutters. With large radii in the cutting area and an increased number of teeth, they boast an increased step-over distance capability for semi-finishing and finishing. The outstanding surface quality that this achieves is an additional advantage of these milling cutters, alongside the huge time savings.

Features and advantages from which you benefit:

    Walter GPS Offline Cost-effective finishing thanks to a drastic reduction in the machining time (by up to 90% compared to ball-nose end mills)

    Walter GPS Offline Greater productivity and process reliability due to increased number of teeth and stability (even with long overhangs)

    Walter GPS OfflineHigh component accuracy and surface quality when machining steep walls, deep cavities, prismatic surfaces and transition radii
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High-feed milling at the highest level

The MD025 Supreme and MC025 Advance solid carbide milling cutters

With the two MC025 Advance and MD025 Supreme solid carbide milling cutters for diameters from 1 to 25 mm (⅛–1"), Walter offers you two outstanding high-feed milling cutters with a perfectly complementary application range. The roughing and semi-roughing tools, which are also available as a ConeFit version, are characterised by their flat approach angle and the easy-cutting geometry. They enable a high feed per tooth with a minimal depth of cut, which ensures a high machining volume, stability and process reliability. The low radial load thanks to the high-feed strategy and the special high-feed face geometry of the solid carbide milling cutters make them the benchmark for complex components with deep cavities.

Features and advantages from which you benefit:

    Walter GPS OfflineMaximum productivity and short machining times due to long tool life and high machining volume

    Walter GPS Offline Maximum process reliability and stability due to low radial load on the tool from the special face geometry

    Walter GPS OfflineExcellent flexibility and universal usability, for example for complex components with deep cavities, in the ISO material groups P, M, S and K (MC025)
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