Tiger▪tec® Gold

Tiger▪tec® Gold

Go for better,
go for Gold.

Tiger▪tec® Gold indexable inserts  

You have high expectations –
we can offer long tool life.

With Tiger▪tec® Gold, we are providing you with a new technology that meets the most exacting requirements placed on machining.

  • Smooth rake face for the best possible friction characteristics
  • Optimum wear detection on rake and flank faces
  • Tough cutting edge for maximum process reliability
  • Latest coating technology for long tool life and excellent cutting data
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Powered by Tiger▪tec® Gold

The new Tiger▪tec® Gold indexable inserts enable our high-performance milling tools to reach a new level of productivity.

Longer tool life – Tiger▪tec® Gold  

Impressive performance,
winning solution.

Tiger▪tec® Gold demonstrates its superiority with impressive values:

  • Significantly longer tool life thanks to optimised wear behaviour
  • Optimum cutting data thanks to a visible reduction in wear rate
  • Maximum process reliability thanks to the tough cutting edge
  • Optimum wear detection thanks to the gold-coloured top layer
Application examples

Go for better, go for Gold.

Your challenges spur us on to exceed our own expectations. Your product is the best starting point for our development work.

TiAIN layer – Tiger▪tec® Gold  

How can you turn an outstanding layer into a perfect coating?

The extremely tough and resistant TiAIN layer protects the substrate against abrasion, hairline cracks, plastic deformation and oxidation. The gold-coloured top layer enables outstanding wear detection and boasts impressive friction characteristics.