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Frequently asked questions

1. Where can I enter my contact details?

To enter your contact details, you must create a user profile. Log in with the user profile you have created and then click on the "My personal data" link, which can be seen in the top area. The only mandatory fields are first name/surname and e-mail address. However, it is advisable to enter as much information as possible.

2. How do I attach my CV and my covering letter?

The only way to attach a new CV and/or covering letter is if you apply for a job. If you click on "Apply now", the system will prompt you to attach a new document or write/copy or insert a text in a free text field.

3. Where can I attach additional documents?

To attach additional documents, such as degree certificates or work references, you must log in and navigate to the "My application" page. Then click on "Add document" in the bottom section of the page to upload your document(s). Please note that these additional documents are not linked to a specific application. If you only wish to attach a document for a specific job, you must attach the document when you apply for that job.

4. I have forgotten my user name or my password. How can I retrieve it?

Please click on "Login or Register“. Here, you will find the "I have forgotten my user name/password“ field, which you can use to retrieve your forgotten user name or password. Your user name or password will be sent to you at the e-mail address specified in your user profile.

5. I have saved an incomplete application. Where can I find it again?

To update and complete your application, you must be logged in on the "My application" page. This page contains "quick links" and information on all your applications and attached files, covering letters and additional attachments. Any application that you have not yet completed has the status "Not yet sent".

6. Can I see which jobs I have applied for?

Yes. This information is visible when you are logged in on the "My application“ page. This page contains "quick links" and information on all your applications and attached files, covering letters and additional attachments.

7. Is the number of jobs I can apply for limited?

No, the number of jobs you can apply for is not limited.

8. If I apply for a job in South Africa, is the application form and process different than for a job being advertised in Austria?

Job openings in Australia, Brazil, Germany, Finland, France, United Kingdom, India, Indonesia, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, The Philippines, Sweden, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, USA and Vietnam are created within the same system; you can check your application after you have sent it. For all other countries, a different system is used. However, all job openings can be viewed via a central list through which you can also apply centrally. At present, there is unfortunately no possibility of checking the application online after sending it if you are applying for a position outside the above-mentioned countries.

9. How do I find out if you have received my application?

You will receive an automatic response from us, which informs you that we have received your application. Your application will then be checked and you will receive feedback from us regarding whether we are taking your application into further consideration, at the latest 3 weeks after the application deadline.

10. There are some job openings that have the same title. How can I tell which advertised position was of particular interest to me.

Please refer to the job opening identification number, which you saw in the advertisement. Please also use this identification number in the job search function and your search will display this particular position. Every position has a unique "JO ID" (JO stands for job opening). Please make a note of this identification number (6 digits, e.g. 123456), as you can use it as a search criterion to find the position you are interested in.

11. How do I find out if my application was successful?

Your application will be checked and if your profile matches that of the job opening, you will be contacted by a member of the Human Resources team to discuss the next steps with you.

12. When should I expect to hear from you regarding whether my application is being taken into further consideration?

Response times can vary according to receipt of the application documents.

13. I was told about a job opening by an employee. How can I apply for it?

Even if you were told about a job opening by an employee, there is no change to the application process.

14. Is there somebody I can contact if I have any questions about this position?

Please use the contact information specified in the job advertisement.

15. How can I tell what salary package will be offered to me for the job I have applied for.

The salary packages we offer are very competitive. Please use the contact information specified in the job advertisement.

16. If I apply for a position in a different country will I receive expatriate terms and conditions?

If expatriate terms and conditions are offered, this will be clear from the job advertisement.

17. How many steps are there in the application process?

The number of steps in the application process depends greatly on the type of position for which you have applied. In general, there are 2 steps in the application process.

18. Some job advertisements mention that you must be entitled to work in the USA, for example. What does this mean?

This means that you must have a current and valid permit to work in the country in which you are applying for a job.

19. Who can I contact regarding the position I have applied for?

You will be contacted by a member of the Human Resources team if we are considering your application in the next stage of the application process. If you have any questions, please use the contact information specified in the job advertisement.

20. Will I be contacted if a similar position to the one I have already applied for is advertised ?

No, you must apply separately for every job opening that you find interesting. Please use the "Register for job openings" field to receive an automatic e-mail when a job that meets your search criteria is advertised. For more details, please see below.

21. Where can I find the "Register for job openings" heading?

To register for job openings, you must first log into the system and then click on the "Job search" link in the top area of the page. Enter your search criteria and click on "Register for job openings". Please name your search, e.g. "IT jobs" and then enter your e-mail address before clicking on "Save". If jobs that meet your specified search criteria are offered, an e-mail with the corresponding link will automatically be sent to you.

22. How can I delete my registration for job openings?

You can delete your saved search under "My saved search criteria".

23. I cannot find the country that I want to specify as a search criterion under "Job search"?

If you cannot find the country that you wish to use as a search criterion to find out about job openings in this country, please enter the relevant country in the <Keywords> field before executing the search. If no results are displayed, you can still save this search or obtain future notifications about job openings in this country.