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Fair, strong, working as a team

Global commitment

​Wherever corporate responsibility is to be taken seriously, you need people with courage, decisiveness, strength and endurance. People who follow through on their words. This applies not only in your working life but socially, in sports and recreation as well.

We are happy to support people who actively take notice of their social responsibility. Because these are the people who champion the values that employees of the Walter Group also stand for: Helpfulness, fairness and team spirit. Assuming corporate responsibility and a commitment to charitable causes are self-evident for Walter. We therefore support sustainable social and humanitarian services, collective projects and individual initiatives.

For example, this includes:

  • Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei – German bone marrow donor register
  • Clowns im Dienst – entertaining children in hospitals and senior citizens in nursing homes
  • Projekt KikE – helping children whose parents are suffering with cancer
  • McDonalds Kinderhilfe Stiftung, Haus Tübingen – caring for terminally ill children
  • Aids-Hilfe Tübingen-Reutlingen e.V. – helping AIDS patients
  • Integrationspreis der Stadt Tübingen – Tübingen town's Integration Award
  • WWF project to conserve tigers in Singapore – adopting a
    white tiger called "Winnie"