Social Engagement

Cooperation with schools and universities

Promoting young talent

We attach great importance to promoting young talent in our region. For this reason, we are in constant contact with local schools and universities.
This may be in the form of excursions, technical lectures, trade fairs or other activities that give the students and pupils the chance to get to know our Walter world better. As examples, we would like to present two educational cooperations.

The Pupil-Engineer Academy

In 2006, Walter AG Tübingen and the Evangelische Firstwald secondary school in Mössingen founded the Pupil-Engineer Academy (PEA). This cooperation has the aim of fostering talented sixth form pupils who have an interest in science and to help them become acquainted with an engineer's occupational field. In addition, key skills, such as team building, project management, professional documentation and presentation techniques are taught. The task is to build a robot that can be programmed in such a way that it can pick up and transport obstacles around a course. Industrial mechanics at Walter AG support the manufacturing of mechanical components. ​​