The latest in process optimisation

Walter Technology Center

Our implementation of digital transformation and Industry 4.0

We live in a networked and digitised world. Businesses need to be able to look ahead and quickly rethink strategies in order to remain competitive and maintain customer satisfaction. We understand the importance of complete individualized process and tool solutions and implement these accordingly.

Technology Center – The factory of the future

The objective is clearly defined: We are creating a research factory for solutions that will become future reality. This applies to materials and machining processes, as well as digital elements.  

Imagine a factory in which all processes are digitally networked and communicate with one another in real time – a smart factory. Our Technology Center allows customers, trade partners and employees to follow the individual machining processes live. We work together to develop solutions that go far beyond the boundaries of tools. Use of new, networked functions is changing the way we think and cooperate with our customers.

The Technology Center is our vision of the future. A place where we are already developing and testing the high-tech machining solutions of the future. In addition to this, we are helping tomorrow's digital solutions become reality today.

Innovative training options for our employees

At our Technology Center, our employees have the opportunity to learn and interact quickly and creatively. Training sessions are transmitted live across the globe – from the machine hall to all Walter distributors. Our employees receive the best training opportunities. After all, the knowledge and enthusiasm of our employees are our most important assets.
As an employer, we are making a sustainable contribution to the economic region with the Technology Center.