Tool bodies with PCD and CBN


​Production of PCD- and CBN-tipped tool bodies

1988: Foundation of PKD-Werkzeug GmbH in Niefern by Werner Schmitt 
2004: Acquisition by Walter AG
2009: Integration of Werner Schmitt PKD-Werkzeug GmbH into the Walter sales companies
2017: Around 100 employees in the PCD Business Line
Today: Around 60 employees. Production site for PCD and CBN precision cutting tools with narrowest tolerances in the micrometre range

Areas of activity:
Production and production-related areas such as work preparation, design, quality assurance, logistics, maintenance; engineering, sale

Product range:
PCD and CBN precision cutting tools
for drilling, reaming, milling and turning

Production processes:
Standard and special tools with a high degree of flexibility and vertical integration, use of integrated CAD/CAM methods

Production systems:
CNC machines, laser machining

Werner Schmitt PKD-Werkzeug GmbH  
Birkenstraße 8
75223 Niefern-Öschelbronn Germany