Drills and tap blanks

Soultz Sous Forêts

​Production of drills and tap blanks

1963: Foundation by Max Christen
1964: Start of tool production
1982: Production of solid carbide micro drills
1989: Conical drills
1993: Tap blanks
1999:  HSS step drills
2001 – 2011: Reconditioning
2007:​ Production of solid carbide drills
2016: Integration into the Walter Group
Today: Approximately 12,000 m² production area; around 275 employees

Areas of activity:
Production and production-related areas such as work preparation, design, quality assurance, logistics, maintenance; finance, human resources

Product range:
High-tech drills (HSS and carbide) and tap blanks

Production processes:
Automatic grinding processes using CAD/CAM methods

Production systems:
Heat treatment, cylindrical grinding, single and complete processing machines for geometrical grinding, CNC machines

1 rue Max Christen
CS 80015
67250 Soultz Sous Forêts