Company headquarters and production of tool bodies

Walter Tübingen – headquarters

1919: Foundation of Metallurgische Gesellschaft Richard Walter & Co in Düsseldorf by Richard Walter
1925: Move to Tübingen. Start of tool body production for drilling and reaming tools and milling cutters with brazed carbide cutting edges 
1970: Change in technology to milling tools with indexable insert seat
1997: Introduction of hard machining
2007: First fully automated robot cells
2014: Machine connection to the production control system (MES)
2015: Automated surface finishing

Today: Around 580 employees (production and headquarters)

Areas of activity:
Production and production-related areas such as work preparation, design, quality assurance, logistics, maintenance; Headquarters: Marketing, research & development, engineering, finance, human resources, Academy, IT, quality management, purchasing

Product range:
Bodies for indexable insert tools

Production processes:
High level of vertical integration, tool data management and the latest CAD/CAM methods

Production systems:
Predominantly CNC machining centres, 3D coordinate measuring technology
Walter AG  
Derendinger Str. 53
72072 Tübingen Germany