Milling tools and taps

Plant Zell am Harmersbach

​Prototyp milling tools, interchangeable-head milling cutters and threading tools

1919: Foundation of the company by engineer Alfred Zimmermann; threading tool production
1940: Production of milling tools
1960: Development of tools for high-tech applications
1985: Production of solid carbide tools
2007: Prototyp becomes a Walter Group competence brand
2016: Production of carbide blanks for interchangeable-head milling cutters
Today: 450 employees, 100 years of experience in machining technology, expertise for individual machining solutions (30% special tools); 

Areas of activity:
Production and production-related areas such as work preparation, design, quality assurance, logistics, maintenance; human resources, IT

Product range:
Solid carbide/HSS high-tech taps and formers, solid carbide/HSS milling tools and solid carbide interchangeable-head milling cutters

Production processes:
Grinding threading tools (flute-, thread- and chamfer grinding), Grinding milling tools (OD- and geometry grinding), surface treatment, coating

Production systems:
Modern machinery with more than 330 machines, including about 80 complete processing machines

Prototyp Werke GmbH
Franz-Disch-Strasse 10
77736 Zell-Harmersbach, Germany