Environment and energy

Economy and ecology in harmony

Environmental and energy management

It is our corporate goal to contribute to the conservation of our natural environment. Therefore, protection of the environment and energy efficiency in all business processes are an integral part of our approach. We are convinced that cost efficiency, environmental protection and the conscious use of energy are not mutually exclusive.

When developing and manufacturing our products, Walter is constantly reviewing the environmental impact of our operations and continuously striving to reduce our energy consumption for the long term. In taking account of cost efficiency, we use all practical methods to reduce the consumption of energy, water and other resources as much as possible.

An open dialogue with the authorities, the public and the media are another important contribution to our proactive environmental protection.

To realize these objectives, Walter AG's environmental management system has been designed in accordance with the specifications set out in EN ISO 14001 and the energy management system has been designed in accordance with the requirements of EN ISO 50001.​