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Industrial health and safety

Productivity and commitment are a guarantee a company's success

Industrial health and safety

At Walter AG, industrial health and safety have been given highest priority so that they are on a par with the quality of our products and the cost efficiency of our operations. Our industrial health and safety management systems are based on the needs of our employees and general operational health and safety requirements. We operate a certified management system based on OHSAS 18001.

Maintaining the productivity and commitment of our employees is an important component in continuous personal and business development. We take all necessary preventative measures to avoid accidents and to minimize their consequences.

As part of our industrial health management, we systematically operate a preventative system in relation to harmful influences on health and support health-promotion measures. We encourage our employees to adopt safe and active, health conscious behaviour. We regard statutory framework conditions as only the minimum requirement. We want to continuously improve safety standards for our employees within the Walter Group. To this end, we continuously keep our employees informed of preventative measures and offer a wide range of prevention services. We are continuing to expand co-operation with external specialists in this field.