Engines for passenger cars and commercial vehicles

Productivity in the fast lane

Engine block

More power, smaller capacity and lower consumption. Three factors which crucially influence the mechanical stress placed on an engine block and, consequently, the choice of the appropriate material. Grey cast iron and the high-tech material vermicular graphite cast iron play a central role, alongside lightweight construction materials such as aluminum or magnesium.

We tackle this development, on the one hand, with our new Tiger•tec® Silver cutting tool materials and efficient Walter BLAXX Xtra•tec® tool systems, and on the other hand, with the precision PCD tools of the technology brand MODCO®.

You can achieve an extremely high level of dimensional accuracy, excellent surface finish quality and increases in productivity of up to 100 % through the combined use of Walter Valenite milling cutters, Walter Titex high-performance drills and the threading tools manufactured by Walter Prototyp. This allows competitive unit costs to be achieved in mass production, even for complex components.