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Transmission gearwheel

Gearwheels are indispensable components in the gearbox for the transmission of power. When it comes to emissions, quietness and driving comfort, the gearbox has an important role.

In the automotive industry, forged parts made of case hardened steel are mainly used as blanks for manufacturing gearwheels. The typical properties of forged parts are reflected here. They feature soft and tough steel on the inside, combined with a harder forged skin on the outside of the blank. This combination represents a real challenge for machining. The challenge is to master the balancing act between good chip breaking in the soft area and wear resistance when machining the harder outer skin, while simultaneously maintaining long tool life.

With its competence brands Walter Valenite, Walter Titex, Walter Prototyp and Walter Multiply, Walter provides the very latest in tool technology and the necessary service modules for the efficient series production of transmission gearwheels.