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Rotor hub

The rotor hub in ductile cast iron forms the interface between the rotor and the drivetrain. Bolted onto the rotor hub are the blade bearings of the enormous rotor blades. While the rotor hub is part of the rotor, functionally, it is closely associated with the mechanical drivetrain. All rotor forces and torques are virtually concentrated in just this one important component. The stresses to which the component is exposed to are correspondingly high.

We have the metal cutting tools for machining components like these.

Here is a selection:

  • Walter Valenite core hole drills with chamfer for machining through holes and blind holes
  • Walter Prototyp Paradur® Eco-HT for creating blind-hole threads
  • Walter Valenite heavy-duty cutter for roughing the external surface
  • Walter Xtra•tec® porcupine cutter F4138 for roughing and semi-finishing