General mechanical engineering

Boring, drilling and precision boring at their very best

Drilling holes in mechanical engineering

What do users in general mechanical engineering expect from a machining tool? What must a drill look like today and in the future, and how must it perform?

These are questions we constantly ask ourselves here at Walter. Questions we answer with our drilling and reaming tools. With our drilling solutions marketed under the competence brands Walter Valenite and Walter Titex, we have the right answers. WALTER tools for boring, drilling and precision boring enjoy an excellent reputation among machining specialists. They are regarded as accurate, highly efficient and very cost-effective for machining steel and cast iron materials and for drilling in stainless and difficult-to-cut materials. Our drills impress with their precision, productivity and excellent surface finish quality. We are therefore able to provide a real boost to our customers' competitive edge.​

Take, for example, our Xtra∙tec® Point Drill: The narrow hole tolerances (H8), self-centering and lands together provide you with a surface which needs no re-work. The highly positive geometry of this drill affords a performance which is similar to that of a solid carbide drilling and boring tool, in particular even on lower-performance machines.

Easy handling and rapid insert changeover ensure that inserts are reliably and rapidly changed directly in the machine and that machine downtime is avoided. ​

The smaller and deeper the hole, the greater the challenge. Whether universal-use drilling solutions for various application ranges are required, or a very specific, special solution, Walter Titex tools are precise, efficient and cost-effective.

For instance, the Walter Titex X∙treme Plus is a solid carbide high-performance drill for the highest of feed rates. With its two lands and the patented bi-layer system, this tool offers the highest of cutting speeds, extremely long tool life, excellent surface finish quality and maximum process reliability.

Productivity increases of up to 100% when compared with competitors' tools are now possible.