Front-face machining of the tube ends

Tube end machining

New pipeline projects and investments by the chemical industry have led to an increasing demand worldwide for special tubes. In order to be successful in a competitive market, tube manufacturers are opting for high-performance products which are optimally tailored to their individual intended use.

Plated materials are increasingly being used in this area, where different metals are assembled to form a composite material by special rolling processes. These materials also place particular demands on machining tube ends. Walter has a specific tooling system for this purpose.

Two machining concepts are used for front-face tube end machining:

1. Circular interpolation milling

2. Face turning

​As a result of the operation for face turning the tube ends and the materials that are used today, there is a tendency towards producing long chips.

Controlled chip breaking is important and is achieved by means of innovative cutting edge geometries in conjunction with the latest cutting tool materials and adapted insert holders.

The aim of the machining is short cycle times along with optimal chip breaking and maximum cutting edge tool life. This means incredibly high machining reliability coupled with the highest possible cost efficiency.