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Points and rails

Rail head machining

Particularly well suited to machining the rail head are the Walter special mills, which have diameters of up to 700 mm. These tools are characterized in particular by high profile accuracy and very stable insert seats.

Fishplate chamber machining

For fishplate chamber machining, we offer individually configured special mills with a flexible number of cutting edges and precisely calibrated chip space distribution.

Transition profile machining

Depending on the shape of the transition profile, we deliver Walter form mills with a very wide variety of form inserts for particularly precise and cost-effective machining of the profile at the rail head transition.

Deep grooves in transition profile machining

Deep grooves of a transition profile, in particular, may be machined using the specific form mills with an optimal cutting edge arrangement. High metal removal rates lead to greater cost efficiency. Walter's standard milling cutters make a significant contribution towards greater precision and cost efficiency when machining short rails.