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Keep up with Industry 4.0

Digital solutions from Walter

"​Engineering Kompetenz" and digital expertise go hand in hand at Walter. In our highly modern Technology Center, we are already beginning to map out the networking solutions of the future, one by one.
Additionally, the recent complete takeover of our long-term software partner, Comara, has expanded our "Engineering Kompetenz" in the digital sector. Together, we are developing digital solutions which will network machines and tools and optimise their work on the basis of real-time data.

Search & find products

With the application-based search using the Walter GPS "Machining Navigation" system and the product-based search in the Walter online catalogue, Walter provides two different ways to search for and find the right tool or application solution to meet your needs. This is complemented by Walter e-Paper and the Walter e-Library app, which can be used online or offline.

  • Product-based search: WALTER online catalogue
  • Application-based search: Walter GPS
  • Document-based search: e-Paper & e-Library

Product Data
Walter provides its customers with product data in different standard formats, enabling customers to optimise their digital value creation chain. Providing product data in accordance with DIN4000/ISO13399 helps us to support a variety of "consuming systems" – that is, systems that first need to import our data, regardless of whether they are tool management systems, ERP systems or CAD/CAM systems.

​Walter e-Commerce
With e-Commerce solutions such as Walter TOOLSHOP and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), Walter enables customers and buyers to find information, make purchases and place orders on a single site. What's more, it allows documents such as orders and invoices to be transferred online or directly from one ERP system to another via the Walter SAP interface.

Walter Xpress
From an idea to the delivery of a special tool in no time – Walter Xpress, the fast ordering and delivery service from Walter, guarantees optimum planning security. Walter Xpress is already available for around 10,000 defined special tool variants. Delivery time: A maximum of two to four weeks from the order income date.

​Walter Vending

​Avoid unnecessary downtimes in production environments and keep a good eye on tool stocks at all times: With the Walter Networkline tool dispensing system, including the "Supply Port" user interface, all tools used in the production process are reliably available at all times – and all the relevant information can be accessed at any time, from anywhere in the world, using a web browser.

Walter Tool Management
From purchasing to inventory management, from on-site services such as technical support, tool presetting and intralogistics to reconditioning and recycling: Walter tool management services and systems guarantee efficient, optimised processes and reduced costs – over the entire life cycle of your tools.


Comara appCom
With Comara appCom, we offer industrial businesses their own platform for individual apps: Special software modules for the production environment. These apps can be used to visualise production data, analyse processes and carry out targeted optimisation.
Comara appCom not only connects to machine tools – it can also use any other data sources and make this data available to other devices. The data is processed according to the user.

Walter Multiply Production Solutions
Procurement, management, selection, adjustment, removal and reconditioning: The tool-related services from Walter Multiply ensure maximum transparency and control over the entire product life cycle. They ensure that the entire process chain achieves maximum productivity and take every factor into consideration, from the fixtures to the NC programming.

Comara iCut
iCut, the cutting data optimisation software from Comara, measures the spindle output up to 500 times per second and automatically adapts the feed to the cutting conditions: Overmeasure fluctuations, varying mill contact angles and depths of cut, hardening and tool wear – iCut optimises the machining process in real time, saving you considerable amounts of time. Use production data, optimise processes