Walter Productivity Services

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Walter Productivity Services

Walter Multiply is an efficient, complete package from a single source, which comprises analysis, strategy and the implementation of a cost-effective machining strategy. For customers with exacting requirements, we provide smooth, efficient production processes which play a significant role in giving them a competitive edge.

Walter Productivity Services solve their problems in the background. While the production operation at the customer's site continues running unchanged with their in-house personnel, Walter Multiply's experienced machining specialists develop the appropriate solutions. Besides extensive consultation and the actual construction of the device, Walter Productivity Services also offers the corresponding machining tools and CNC programmes for each respective component. Comprehensive documentation that corresponds to the performance data to be achieved is mandatory for Walter Multiply.


  • Project planning
  • Planning new machining processes
  • Complete optimization of existing machining processes
  • NC programming and simulation according to the customer's NC data record layout
  • Design and sourcing of devices
  • Running in and optimization
  • Guidance up to SOP