Walter Productivity Services

Walter Productivity Services

A reliable route to higher productivity

On average, the tooling costs account for only 4 to 6% of the production costs in a modern manufacturing environment. But even experts often overlook the fact that a truly efficient tool can positively affect up to 80% of the production costs in conjunction with Walter Productivity Services. This astonishing leverage effect shows enormous potential for optimization.

By way of an interdisciplinary approach and interaction between the three specialist brands, namely Walter Valenite, Walter Titex and Walter Prototyp, Walter Multiply can implement astounding measures for enhancing efficiency in virtually any manufacturing environment.


Walter Multiply has developed a service concept for the topic of process optimization, which ultimately enables truly effective measures to be implemented in practice. Thanks to their many years of industrial expertise, Walter Multiply's experienced personnel know what is important. Their mandate does not simply end with the consultation report, but after a successful commissioning phase at the very earliest.

Walter Multiply stands for a team which defines itself as a partner of industry and has repeatedly demonstrated real problem-solving expertise, particularly in difficult project phases.