Walter Color Select improves tool life

Color Select, the new high-performance cutting tool material from Walter AG, combines optimal service characteristics with simple wear detection. Field tests have shown that tool life has, on average, been increased by almost 100 percent.

Its improved microhardness and toughness particularly add to the cutting tool material's increased performance. At the same time, the coating thickness is thinner than on the previous cutting tool material. A special process was used to mechanically post-treat the coating. The result has now been proven in a range of field tests, including at a fork-lift truck manufacturer and a supplier of die-casting technologies. Accordingly, the tool life has been increased by on average 95 percent compared with previous cutting materials.

Another feature of Walter Color Select is that the indexable inserts are colored in standard ISO colors, which gave the cutting tool material its name. This means they are clearly recognizable and thus the risk of mix-up is significantly reduced.

Possible fields of application for WPP45C using the B401x include general mechanical engineering, pressure containers/heat exchangers (tube and baffle plates), the automotive industry and mold and die making.