New performance class for drilling

The new Supreme tool, the DC170 Supreme for steel and cast iron workpieces, is more than just another high-performance tool.

Thanks to its revolutionary design and new features, this high-end drill is in a performance class which has never before been achieved and boasts the very latest high-end technology. It is the characteristic lands in particular which make this tool stand out from the rest, both visually and in terms of technology. The flat grooves guide the coolant that is released at the tip around the drill, ensuring 360-degree cooling. This allows the circulating coolant to control the machining temperature.

The radial lands on the tip are a new feature never before seen on a solid carbide drill. These continuously guide the tool, reduce vibration to a minimum and keep the tool exactly on course. Furthermore, its unique design means that more solid carbide mass confronts the cutting forces than on a normal solid carbide drill. This makes the DC170 Supreme tougher, which is particularly important when drilling inclined hole exits or cross holes. In short: All these new features ensure excellent process reliability and outstanding tool life, even with the highest of cutting data. In addition to the currently available drill lengths of 16xD and 20xD, customers can now also choose from the shorter dimensions of 3xD, 5xD, 8xD and 12xD. Custom-made versions can also be supplied via the Walter Xpress Service for rapidly available special tools.​

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