New additions to the milling cutter family

Walter's M4000 milling system can take on virtually any task

The two new members of the M4000 milling cutter family are the M4575 T-slot milling cutter and the M4792 routing cutter. Together with the M4002 high-feed milling cutter, the M4132 shoulder milling cutter and the M4574 chamfer milling cutter, they make for a costeffective, flexible system that allows the user to tackle almost any milling task.

In addition, the cutting material costs per component can be reduced by up to 50 per cent because the same indexable insert can be used for all milling cutters. The only exception to this is the M4792 routing cutter, owing to its design: To enable the cutting edges to overlap, in addition to a square system insert, the tool is equipped with a rhombic indexable insert on its front face.

Special properties: Drills downwards and then continues by milling in the y/z direction. The M4575 T-slot milling cutter specialises in cutting T-slots in accordance with DIN 650 and, like the routing cutter, features a weldon shank and internal cooling. The M4000 milling cutter family was developed not only with an eye to maximising the savings potential for the machining process, but also with sustainability in mind: Walter offsets 100% of the CO2 emitted when producing the M4000 series.

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