Precision cooling by the shortest route

The latest generation of the Walter Turn, Walter CaptoTM (C4-C6) and Walter Cut ISO turning tools have highly accurate precision cooling.

The special feature: the jet of coolant is directed onto the cutting edge or underneath the chip by the shortest route. The temperatures are at their highest at these points, and the cooling effect is therefore at its greatest. Another advantage: The precision cooling cools in two places at once – both on the rake and the flank faces. Consequently, these turning toolholders have two coolant outlets. Higher tool life (from 30 to 150 percent) and higher cutting data are achieved as a result.

The precision cooling works effectively starting at coolant pressures as low as 10 bar. As the pressure rises, chip breaking and process reliability improves. The upper limit is usually at 150 bar. If the appropriate technical conditions are in place, even pressures as high as 300 bar are possible. Cutting operations performed on stainless materials or materials with difficult cutting properties benefit in particular from this development. Another area of application is in mass production when cutting steel materials.

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