The established "ikon" can now drill deep holes too

When Walter first launched the DC170 Supreme, the "Ikon of drilling,” it was like nothing the market had ever seen before. The special land design of the solid carbide high-performance drill not only doubles as a regrinding scale but also enables the drill to be continuously guided.

Coolant is washed around the lands when drilling, which reduces oscillation and optimises the cooling process. Directly behind the insert corner, where conventional run-of-the-mill drills quickly reach their limits, the DC170 Supreme features a substantial carbide base that provides the drill with extra stability. The benefits of this really evident under difficult conditions, such as inclined exits, cross holes and high temperatures. The polished flute and the WJ30EJ grade ensure excellent chip removal.

With the two new drill measuring 25 × Dc and 30 × Dc, Walter is completing its DC170 Supreme range. The new additions to the existing variants – the 3 × Dc (DIN 6537 short), 5 × Dc (DIN 6537 long), 8 and 12 × Dc ( 3–20 mm) and the 16 and 20 × Dc ( 3–16 mm) – mean that the DC170 Supreme can now also be used to drill very deep holes in all ISO P and ISO K materials: And with a 50% longer tool life and with 35% higher workpiece values than conventional solid carbide drill bits. This is a huge advantage for users working in mass production, for example, as it helps them avoid costly downtimes and interruptions. It also reduces the risk of the tool breaking when processing expensive workpieces.

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