Go for better, go Gold

Having revolutionised the industry in the past with the Tiger▪tec® and Tiger▪tec® Silver coatings, the machining specialists at Walter AG in Tübingen are now making another technological advance. Walter is one of the world's first companies to present a new technology platform: Tiger▪tec® Gold – with the WKP35G milling grade.

Compared with the CVD aluminium oxide-coated grades currently in use, the new Tiger▪tec® Gold with a titanium aluminium nitride (TiAlN) coating once again boasts significantly improved properties – resulting in longer tool life, increased productivity and greater process reliability. This is partially due to the innovative, special "ultra low" coating process (ULP-CVD) that Walter has used to establish tomorrow's technology today.

The new TiAlN coating from Walter is their response to growing demands. The Walter developers have been using Tiger▪tec® Gold for some time now in special applications – and to great effect. They recorded markedly improved properties compared with other coatings: Considerably higher wear resistance on the flank faces, reduced formation of hairline cracks and greater resistance to plastic deformation. Numerous practical tests on steel and cast iron materials demonstrated considerably longer tool life – often by up to 200 %. In addition, the gold-coloured top layer also facilitates wear detection. Walter will be presenting this new technology to the public for the very first time at the AMB in Stuttgart.

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