Available online now: The new Walter wear-optimisation app

For those who want to get the most effective use out of their tools, reduce tool wear and therefore reduce the associated costs.

The new wear-optimisation app from Walter helps users to do this. It can be used to identify all specific forms of wear on indexable-insert, round-tool and solid carbide applications, from milling, drilling and threading, through to turning – including ISO turning, grooving and parting off. To help users reliably identify the wear, each form of wear is shown with a zoom function, both graphically and with high-quality photos.

or each wear template, the user is provided with a description of the conditions under which the relevant wear type occurs and how it can be prevented or reduced. For this, the app provides recommendations such as "Use a more wear-resistant cutting tool material", "Reduce the feed", "Reduce the cutting speed", "Increase the coolant pressure" or "Check the orientation", etc. The user can implement these recommendations to reduce wear – and therefore increase the service life of their tool and save costs.

The wear-optimisation app has been designed to be extremely user-friendly and can be operated intuitively. An e-mail function is integrated and the user can use this to send their feedback directly to the app developer at Walter. This app is available in 24 languages. It works on all current mobile devices, such as smartphones, notebooks and tablets, with iOS or the Android operating system, as well as on a Windows PC that operates on Windows 7 or a more recent version. Furthermore, the app is available for online use on Walter's website.

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