Universal just became even more universal

Walter AG's range of system inserts for its universal M4000 milling system has been updated to incorporate a whole new application:

Thanks to the new G88 indexable insert geometry, the system has expanded its scope to include the machining of non-ferrous metals such as aluminium. Available in all three insert sizes – SD06, SD09 and SD12 – it offers incredible flexibility in terms of feed rates, depth of cut and speeds. Even with the added advantage of the new G88 geometry variant, the real selling point for M4000 users is still its system concept, in particular the fact that its universal system inserts and milling cutters make it such an incredibly cost-effective solution.

Because the inserts can be used in different cutter types, they make handling much simpler, as well as reducing procurement and storage costs. For existing users of Walter's M4000 system, the new insert geometry has succeeded in making an already universal solution even more universal. And for those who have yet to try it, the M4000 just became a whole lot more interesting as it débuts its new capability to machine non-ferrous metals such as aluminium.

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