Up to 90 per cent more productive – and suitable for universal use suitable for universal use

2016 saw the launch of the T2711/T2712, Walter AG's new, efficient thread milling cutter family for cutting large threads. For some applications, the Walter T2711/T2712 increases productivity by up to 90 %.

The Tübingen-based premium-tool manufacturer is now expanding its thread milling cutter range. Three new thread milling cutter inserts with smaller corner radii enhance the versatility of the existing tool bodies; two new bodies now allow M56 and M64 coarse-pitch threads to be cut. These new additions transform the thread milling cutter family from one that was focussed primarily on productivity to a family that can now be used universally.

The new thread milling cutter inserts enable you to cut finer pitches; due to these inserts, the multiple-row bodies are capable of cutting not just one or two pitches, but many when the row spacing is an integral multiple of the pitch. With the new bodies, virtually any pitch between 1.5 and 6 mm can be cut. This means that users that are already working with the Walter T2711/T2712 thread milling cutters can now produce numerous pitches, instead of just one or two, with a single tool body. For new target groups, e.g. those that need to cut threads on many different components, this tool gets even more interesting. With just a few tools, you can cut not just many pitches, but also common and less common thread sizes. And because the system has been so well received in the market, Walter is planning on adding to it in the future.

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