New types in the Tiger·tec® Gold range

Tübingen-based Walter AG has made a giant leap forward with its innovative Tiger·tec® Gold. Even though it has only been available as part of Walter's standard range since the beginning of 2017, this new coating technology for indexable inserts has already taken the market by storm.

Key to its success is the new type of coating on the indexable inserts used for milling, which features a highly wear-resistant TiAlN layer. This is applied using a low-pressure process (ULP/CVD) developed in-house by Walter and minimises typical manifestations of wear, such as abrasion, deformation, hairline cracks and oxidation. Walter is now expanding its Tiger·tec® Gold range with the addition of new indexable inserts.

The new indexable insert types and geometries in Tiger·tec® Gold milling grade WKP35G extend the range of applications to copy milling, slot milling, high-feed milling and slotting cutters. And qualities such as the excellent balance between wear resistance and toughness and the wide range of materials, from grey cast iron, ductile graphite iron and structural steel to high-tensile and stainless steels, make the new WKP35G types a real asset. Meanwhile, many users from the automotive, mould and die making, and energy industries confirm what laboratory tests conducted prior to their market launch already found: Tiger·tec® Gold has enabled them to improve – sometimes significantly – their cutting parameters and tool life, with reports of increases of several hundred per cent in some cases.

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