This drill is all about cost efficiency.

With DC150 Perform, Walter AG is bringing to the market a top quality solid carbide drill family with a clear focus on cost efficiency: Can be used universally with all materials and with a broad range of products.

Walter is continuing to build on this with the 5 × Dc without internal cooling. The drill can be used with oil and emulsion. Proven features of the drill family, such as wear-resistance and low-friction WJ30TA grade for good chip evacuation, have been included along with the geometry with a 140° point angle for high positioning accuracy. The solid carbide drill is making an addition to the existing range of variants already introduced – the 12 x Dc and 3 x Dc, each with internal cooling, the 5 × Dc and 8 × Dc with internal cooling and the 3 × Dc without internal cooling. Here, Walter is implementing the aim of the Perform line, "to offer customers the same outstanding Walter quality they have come to expect, but without having to pay for a level of performance that offers them no benefits at all", consistently and in a wide range. This means that users will have available 1000 sizes for all conventional drilling adapters.

The DC150 Perform Line drills are ideal for use anywhere where small and medium batch sizes are to be machined using high precision and process reliability with the highest level of cost efficiency and wide applicability.

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