30% higher productivity in aluminium

Walter is launching a newly developed solid carbide step drill for aluminium in the form of the DC166.

This special tool with through coolant is specially designed for minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) or cooling with emulsion. The DC166 will be of interest to all manufacturers who make products in large batches, especially those in the automotive industry. When machining aluminium components with many holes or drilling very deep holes, the DC166 can boost productivity by 20 to 30% compared with straight-fluted drills. This improvement is due to increasing the feed rate;this is achieved by using a special cutting edge geometry with a tapered point and very sharp cutting edges, along with polished flutes. The sharp edges are perfect for soft materials like aluminum, while the point tapering and polished flutes improve chip evacuation.

Going above and beyond the efficiency offered by a normal step drill that combines two or more work steps in a single tool, the DC166 not only reduces cycle times by increasing productivity – it also improves process reliability. The drills in the DC166 range measure between 4 and 20 millimetres in diameter and come in lengths of up to 30 × D. They can be used on all aluminium materials, including cast and wrought alloys. Typical areas of use include engine blocks, gear housing, electric motors or pumps, chassis components like pivot bearings and wheel bearings, or, more generally, aluminium components with lots of deep or uniform holes. Walter is offering its customers the new special tool in three variants – the DC166, DC266 and DC366 – depending on the geometry and shape of the flutes. They will be available to order normally or via Walter Xpress with shorter delivery times (no more than approx. two weeks).

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