Reliable thread turning in tight spaces

Walter AG is completing its range of MX grooving inserts with the A60 and AG60 geometries for small to medium pitches. Just like the existing MX geometries (CF5 and GD8 for all grooving and parting off tasks, RF5 for grooving and copy turning), the A60/AG60 inserts are also designed with four cutting edges.

The geometries are made for creating 60° partial-profile external threads in a wide range of pitches (0.5–3.0 mm) and are particularly suited to thread turning in tight spaces, like near a shoulder or counter spindle. In addition, the system offers general advantages like excellent cost-effectiveness or the ability to use all inserts universally with one toolholder on the left and right.

The MX system is suitable for all materials and enables insert widths between 0.8 and 3.25 mm and cutting depths of up to 6 mm. One special feature is the design of the insert seat: Due to the self-aligning tangential clamping, the insert is pressed against the contact points when the screw is tightened. A special dowel pin helps with accuracy of fit and simultaneously makes it impossible to mount the insert incorrectly. That results in a high degree of dimensional stability and repeat accuracy. The fact that the insert contact surface is not ground when creating the cutting edge width, and the entire insert thickness is therefore maintained, also contributes to the high stability of the MX system. Special profiles outside the standard range are offered by Walter from ten pieces and are available via the Walter Xpress service within four weeks.

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