Double the tool life thanks to exceptional wear resistance.

Walter AG is presenting a new cermet indexable insert especially for turning in the form of the WEP10. This grade is made from an extremely fine-grained substrate on a TiCN/CN base with an Ni/Co binder

When it comes to finishing operations, the combination of the cermet substrate and the highly wear-resistant multilayer coating offers two major advantages over coated carbide indexable inserts made of tungsten carbide: Considerably longer tool life and no dimensional fluctuations. A special edge preparation on the cermet grade enables users to achieve a glossy surface on the component too, at both high and low cutting speeds. Giving surfaces a premium-quality look is particularly desirable for visible components such as those used in car interiors, for which a good Ra/Rz value alone simply isn't good enough.

The WEP10 is suitable for stainless steels and cast iron as well as ISO P materials. Its exceptionally high dimensional accuracy minimises the need for readjustment, for example when making modifications to the component. Users benefit from high-quality components and greater productivity thanks to there being fewer rejects and shorter change times. Walter states that typical areas of application include the energy sector and automotive industry in addition to general mechanical engineering. It is especially useful for finishing parts such as drive shafts and gearwheels with a continuous or slightly interrupted cut.

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