Walter has been writing industrial history since 1919

Tübingen machining company celebrates 100 years of innovation

In January 2019, the time will have come for Walter to launch the completely new generation of Xtra·tec® XT milling cutters to the market. The new product range resulted from an outstanding idea: Walter fundamentally turned on its head the optimisation strategy that was previously used as standard for indexable inserts throughout the industry. This changes the seating, stability and machining performance. It has been possible to increase the number of teeth by up to 17%, achieving a significant improvement in productivity for users. Xtra·tec® Xtended Technology (XT) is a continuation of the company's 100-year history of innovation. The company was founded in 1919 by engineer and metallurgist Richard Walter. He registered his first patent back in 1920. Products less than five years old make up over 35% of Walter's sales, placing the company among the machining experts who proactively respond to market dynamics. In 2019, the company will celebrate 100 years of Engineering Kompetenz and innovation.

When Richard Walter founded his company "Metallurgische Gesellschaft Richard Walter und Co." in Düsseldorf shortly before the end of the First World War, he was by no means planning to establish a global company. During the war, Walter had bad experiences with the tools that were available to him for maintaining and repairing marine engines and propellers. His objective was to use new designs and alloys to significantly improve the efficiency, wear resistance and heat resistance of machining tools for metal. Even though the company filled important gaps in the market and quickly became very successful thanks to Richard Walter's inventions and developments, he still always considered himself to be more of an inventor than a businessman.

Pioneering spirit and dynamic innovation for 100 years.
One of Richard Walter's most significant developments was the tungsten carbide alloy, which he patented under the name "Dynit". In contrast to the development and innovation processes that are prevalent nowadays, Richard Walter's working methods were exactly what you would expect from a typical inventor. He worked alone or with just a few assistants in his own laboratory in Starnberg, far away from the company's current headquarters in Tübingen. At the time of his death in 1945, he had been granted more than 200 patents. Richard Walter passed on his passion for research and his sense of innovation in the very DNA of his company. Throughout the company's 100-year history, Walter employees have not only further developed his inventions but come up with other new alloys, tools, coatings and production methods too.

The result of Swabian inventive spirit: Xtra·tec® XT
Nowadays innovations are usually a team effort – however the stroke of genius for which Richard Walter was famous once again comes to the forefront in the new generation of Xtra·tec® XT milling cutters. The basic idea behind the new geometry used in the indexable inserts and the tool itself came from a developer at Walter. The aim was to make the milling tools and the indexable inserts more reliable and resistant to breaking. With this approach of fundamentally rethinking the previous strategy, this developer is continuing in the tradition of Richard Walter and the many other creative minds that have made Walter innovative for 100 years.

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