A specialist and an all-rounder: Tools for titanium with twice the expertise

Walter MD377 Supreme and MC377 Advance solid carbide milling cutters

With the MD377 Supreme and the MC377 Advance, Walter offers two solid carbide milling cutters especially for titanium. The first is a high-end specialist for the aviation and aerospace industry; the second is a highly cost-effective tool for universal use. Both solid carbide milling cutters are suitable for roughing, finishing and semi-finishing as well as for full slotting, ramping, shoulder milling and plunging. In addition, the MD377 Supreme is suitable for dynamic milling. The MC377 Advance without internal cooling can also be used for chrome-nickel and steel materials, as well as titanium. The comprehensive range features products with diameters from 2 mm, which makes them particularly attractive for small parts manufacturers in the medical technology sector, the food industry and the watchmaking industry. Alongside the possibilities of universal use, the long tool life of the Walter WK40EA grade and the international availability of Walter's reconditioning service add to its list of advantages.

The MD377 Supreme has been developed in the aviation and aerospace industry and is therefore precisely matched to its requirements. The titanium specialist with a central coolant supply represents a benchmark when it comes to machining engine components and structural components. It allows for tight tolerances and stands out thanks to its extremely high metal removal rate. The high-end titanium milling cutter differs from the MC377 Advance, which can be used universally, through its five cutting edges (for optimised productivity), reduced vibrations (thanks to the differential pitch) and the latest Walter-exclusive AlTiN+ZrN coating with HIPIMS technology. It guarantees the maximum tool life, even when faced with titanium's difficult cutting properties. In addition to the standard range, with diameters from 6 mm and cutting lengths up to 2×D, Walter also offers custom-designed tools via the Xpress service with short delivery times.