Wide scope from 2 to 25 mm in diameter

The Walter MC128 Advance and MD128 Supreme solid carbide milling cutter range

With the multi-tooth MC128 Advance and MD128 Supreme finishing face milling cutters, Walter currently offers the widest range of solid carbide milling cutters for semi-finishing and finishing. The MC128 Advance (dia. 2–25 mm) is suitable for universal application in the ISO material groups P, M, K and S. Thanks to a 50° helix and Walter's own TiAlN coating in the WJ30TF grade, it can achieve excellent surfaces. With the MD128 Supreme (dia. 6–25 mm), Walter has launched a dual specialist to complement this product range. The multi-flute milling cutter with six to eight teeth is available with two coatings. The WJ30RD grade is a high-end coating for ISO P materials, which are frequently found in automotive construction, mould and die making and mechanical engineering. The WJ30RA grade is designed for use in stainless materials, nickel-based alloys and titanium. Both ensure a long tool edge life and a high surface quality.

The cutting edge length of the MD128 Supreme (up to Lc = 3×Dc; ConeFit 1.5×Dc) makes it possible to mill deep pockets and cavities in just one or a few passes, without creating a visible step or witness mark. The long cutting edge is also ideal for new processes such as dynamic milling. Walter offers both the MC128 Advance and the MD128 Supreme in a ConeFit version alongside the standard design. If you put all four versions together, the solid carbide milling cutter range can cover virtually all machining operations involved in finishing and semi-finishing, in terms of both dimensions and the materials that can be machined with the different cutting tool materials. The range is rounded off by near-standard special dimensions, which the manufacturer promises to deliver within three weeks via Walter Xpress.