New machine – more processes

​In its Technology Centre in Tübingen, Walter AG optimises customer machining processes under production conditions. For this service, Walter has now expanded its machine capacity with the addition of a WFL MILLTURN for complete process machining.

Cutting tools are the "interface" for turning, milling and drilling, many factors, however, are important for efficient machining processes. With the comprehensive Walter Multiply service concept, the Tübingen based tool specialist provides support to its customers throughout the entire process chain. Whenever the objective is to optimise existing processes, commission new processes or manufacture prototypes without causing capacity problems whilst the customer operation is in progress, that's when the Technology Center and the specialists from Walter Multiply come into play. Processes are thoroughly tested and solutions delivered to the customer ready for use.

Walter AG is now expanding its Technology Center with the addition of a new machine, which combines turning and 5-axis machining into one: The WFL MILLTURN M40-G with counter spindle and two tool turrets for simultaneous and complete machining. With this addition, Walter is following the sector trend towards processes matched to the component. At the same time, the tool specialist is offering its customers new opportunities to try out processes for their own production; this includes the manufacture of complex prototypes as well as the efficient organisation of previously unfamiliar machining processes. With the new WFL machine, this can all be performed in just one operation, regardless of whether simultaneous turning, milling or a combination of the two is required.

What is the Walter Technology Centre offering with the new machine? Three answers to this question come from Matthias Angelstein (right), Team Leader of Production Solutions, and Harry Scherer (left), Team Leader of the Multiply Technology Centre, Walter AG, Tübingen.

In one step. Previously, we only had a 5-axis turning and milling centre without a second turret. With the new WFL machine, we can now offer complete machining of the workpiece in one operation, which is the "supreme discipline in machining" as far as efficiency is concerned. Classic examples of such workpieces are crankshafts and connecting rods, many parts from the aerospace and wind power industries, and all other sectors. With this efficient new machine, we can also machine larger parts than we could before and fill the swarf hopper in next to no time.

Virtual. We can also provide a "virtual machining" service on the new machine. With "CrashGuard Studio" software, which covers all available WFL machines, we can not only program the MILLTURN but discover problem areas even in a virtual test run. We optimise the two programs running in parallel for both tool turrets, before the process is tested on the workpiece under cutting conditions.

Trendsetting. Even though there will always be specialised turning or milling machines in use in future, many machining processes will be completed by just one machine. We've already been able to demonstrate to a major customer that they can reduce a three-machine process to just one machine.

Overview of the WFL MILLTURN M40-G:

  • Turning, drilling and milling unit, combining a lathe, 5-axis machining centre and 3D measuring machine
  • B-axis
  • Slant-bed, cross-slide combination
  • Two opposing spindles
  • Tool turret/s (12-tool station or 2 x 12-tool station)
  • Magazine for rotating or stationary tools with modular interface
  • Max. lathe spindle power at 40% (100%) ED, kW 33(29)/54(37)//33(29) (left//right)
  • Max. milling spindle power at 40% (100%) ED, kW 20(15)