Increased performance thanks to Walter Color Select

​The new innovative cutting tool material from Walter AG is called Walter Color Select. Thanks to a new high-performance coating, optimum machining properties are combined with simple wear detection by completely colouring the indexable inserts in standard ISO colours.

Customers are impressed by the exceptionally high performance of the Walter Color Select. Its unique high-performance coating increases productivity and process reliability. At the same time, the coloured coating provides simple and reliable recognition of wear to indexable inserts. Thanks to the ISO colours used, the person using the tool is able to select the right exchangeable blade at all times. This significantly reduces the risk of damaging the tool and the workpiece due to using unsuitable exchangeable blades and having to interrupt the machining process. This therefore significantly reduces the risk of mix-up when using the exchangeable blades for different materials and components. Walter Color Select also creates high-quality, attractive coating surfaces which demonstrate favourable friction behaviour when machining all types of material. Both criteria lead to greater process reliability.

The first new cutting material available for the ISO P application range is WPP45C. The blue coating of the indexable insert makes it possible for the user to easily associate it with the material to be machined. The good properties of WPP45C can be traced back to the new type of coating. It consists of a PVD TiAlN multilayer coating. The new coating significantly increases both the hardness and the toughness. In various laboratory tests, the tool life was shown to increase by 50 to 100 percent.
There are four geometries and five cutting materials in the Xtra·tec® Point Drill range of drills: P6001/WXP45, the universal one, P6002, the stable one, P6003, the special one, P6004, the sharp one. The new P6001/WPP45C type for ISO P materials is offered in diameters ranging from 12 to 32 mm.

The tools are suitable for machining clearance and blind holes, precision bores, stack drilling, drilling to a depth of up to a tenfold diameter and drilling in ISO P steel materials.

The different colours signify different applications in the Walter Color Select system: blue is for steel materials that conform to ISO P, red is for cast iron workpieces that conform to ISO K, yellow is for stainless materials that conform to ISO M, green is for non-ferrous metals that conform to ISO N, brown is for materials with difficult cutting properties that conform to ISO S and grey is for hardened materials that conform to ISO H.