Walter Tools


Cut grooves reliably

​With the new flexible Walter Cut SX tool system, Walter AG in Tübingen has optimised grooving and parting off, and at the same time, reduced the number of cutting inserts required. These can be used both on lathes for grooving applications and on milling machines for separating and slot milling.

Process reliability is required for grooving and parting off, especially when the tool has to cut deeply into the workpiece. The new Walter Cut SX grooving system meets this requirement particularly well with its single edge grooving inserts. As a reminder: When inserts with two cutting edges are used, the cutting depth is limited according to the insert length. Some industries, however, increasingly require very deep grooving and parting-off cuts. For such applications, the developers in Tübingen created the SX system with completely new self-clamping, single edge grooving inserts. Their particular feature is positive-locking integration in the tool insert seat, which is achieved through their curved shape. This positive locking prevents the cutting inserts from being lost when under heavy load in the direction of feed.

The self-locking system is also based on a new design. The top clamp is capable of producing extremely high retaining forces without hindering the chip flow. It fixes the cutting insert in the tool insert seat, which takes the form of a prism for precise insert location. In addition, the insert seat also has a contact surface at the back for supporting the cutting insert. As a result, the cutting forces are transferred into the fixed part of the tool. This ingenious distribution of force guarantees excellent process reliability and enables an increase in productivity thanks to higher cutting parameters. The user is provided with a special key for changing the insert, which allows replacement in just one simple operation.

Walter supplies the grooving inserts in the proven Tiger·tec® Silver PVD cutting material grades WSM33S and WSM43S for steel, stainless steel and materials with difficult cutting properties. There is at present a selection of three geometries with optimised chip breakers: The universal CE4 geometry with tough cutting edge for medium to high feed rates, the positive CF5 geometry for long-chipping materials and medium feed rates, and the sharp CF6 geometry for small diameters or thin-walled tubes and low feed rates. All grooving inserts can be supplied in insert widths from 2.0 to 6.0 mm. As for using the grooving inserts, Walter has several tools available, which also include monoblock tools of the type G2012 with internal cooling for cutting depths of up to 33 mm. The coolant flows through the top clamp directly onto the cutting edge. This solution provides the smallest possible distance between coolant outlet and site of chip formation. Top clamp and chip breaker have been optimised both in terms of chip fo mation and coolant, and there are no spray effects. The coolant can be supplied either at the end of the shank or at the side of the toolholder, as well as on its underside, using G1/8" connections. Walter recommends a coolant pressure of at least 10 bar. One of the main areas of use are grooving or parting off applications, in which conventional tools achieve no chip breaking, and applications where the machining operator would otherwise have to contend with a low level of productivity. The efficient type of cooling maximises productivity, tool life and process reliability.

Another tool option, for example where space is limited but a high level of stability is still required, is parting blades with a reinforced shank of the type G2042. Walter has included a left-hand and right-hand version in its range. These blades can also be used for cutting depths of up to 33 mm, and are the first choice where robust parting blades need to be used. One variant of these tools is G2042 deep parting blades in a neutral version for grooving cuts of up to 60 mm. Their particular features are two insert seats and universal use.

But that's not all: An additional highlight of Walter Cut SX is that the cutting inserts can be used in slitting cutters. Alongside the tools already mentioned, Walter has also launched the F5055 slitting cutter from the Walter BLAXX range. The Walter BLAXX  tool concept stands for particularly robust tools, high machining performance and reliability. What's more, the tools are distinguished by a high level of radial and axial runout accuracy. In conjunction with the Tiger·tec® Silver cutting tool materials, the stable clamping system of the grooving inserts fulfils these conditions even when separating and slitting on milling machines.