Benefit from technologies and Engineering Kompetenz

With Walter as an experienced industrial partner

Walter is an experienced industrial partner whose real problem-solving expertise you can benefit from across sectors in production and logistics – even and, in fact, especially in difficult project phases.

Benefits for you: Always uses the latest innovations of the metal-cutting industry, the manufacturing knowledge of the tool supplier (e.g. cutting data and machining strategies) and alternative ideas and approaches from the viewpoint of an "outsider". And last but not least, a contact person for all process modules, for increase in productivity and reduced costs from a single source.

Process design and definition

All process steps are determined by us, including the optimum tool selection for your application, plus suitable cutting data for the various materials. Various software solutions are used for evaluating existing processes if improvements are made, e.g. Comara with the modules iCut and sysCut.

With Walter Multiply solutions for process optimisation, you can benefit from...

  • In-depth analysis of your existing processes and manufacturing expertise
  • Redesign of your process, including suitable tools, cutting data and machining strategies
  • Comara software solutions that analyse and optimise your process steps in real time