Walter Toolstation – tool dispensing system

For highly efficient tool dispensing and optimal tool handling

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​​Adaptable and agile, universal and individual, or clever and controlled – with the Walter Toolstation, you are automatically improving your company's tool dispensing system. Whether you are using the Walter Toolstation C-Line TX750, C-Line VX500, D-Line, or S-Line, all four of the tool dispensing systems we have developed come with all the tools that your employees require for the production environment, with great reliability and transparency, whenever you need them. Not only this, but they can be configured to your own individual requirements!

Tailored to your needs and adapted to the production environment in your company, all Walter tool dispensing systems can be linked and controlled centrally. The cabinets can also be easily and flexibly operated in different locations in your production environment, as required. This boosts the efficiency of tool dispensing and tool management by minimising travel. Further benefits of the tool dispensing systems are their functional design and maintenance-friendly hardware and software.

Walter Toolstation is available in different sizes and with various compartment sizes for individual solutions which, for example, are adapted to the size and number of tools you require. It is available as a drawer dispensing system, or in carousel or spiral systems. Another advantage is that it is simple and intuitive to operate via a touchscreen. All of the components are designed to make your tool management as efficient as possible using individual solutions, to reduce the strain on employees in the production environment and managers in tool management, and to contribute towards achieving optimised processes with lower costs – both in the production environment and in the tool management system.​​

Tool management with the Walter Toolstation – the benefits for you at a glance:
  • Tool stocks reduced by up to 50%
  • Up to 80% less time spent searching for tools
  • Production resources secured more efficiently
  • Production downtimes avoided
  • Automated tool dispensing
  • Automatic stock monitoring
  • Optimised purchasing and simpler planning
  • Comprehensive analysis options
  • Easy reporting and complete transparency

Easy management, transparent support

With Walter tool management systems, you can benefit from efficient storage organisation thanks to custom-designed software which is reliable, quick and always up to date. The web-based "Admin Portal" administration interface supports you in managing user rights, material master data for your tools and measuring equipment, your minimum stock levels and much more.

The easy-to-use touchscreens and intuitive "Workshop Portal" user interface make the machines themselves a real asset.
Two sides of an expert solution – for reliable and transparent handling of your user, material and tool data.

​Please don't hesitate to contact us at any time for further information about the Walter Toolstation and an efficient tool management system with reduced costs. In addition, our comprehensive Walter Multiply tool management services offer further potential for making your company’s production environment even more cost-effective.​