Walter Xpress

Special tools, Xpress delivery

Walter Xpress

​​​​Optimise your process precisely in the area where productivity is lacking: Set-up times.

Using special tools, you can combine more than one machining step in just one tool.
Do you have a particular machining task? Even before you start work, Walter will determine an approach to the solution that will optimise your process.

For example, where you previously needed a solid drill and chamfering tool, you can now work much more efficiently by carrying out both operations using a single tool that combines both machining operations. The benefit for you: Your process becomes significantly more streamlined.

More integrated operations means more efficiency
Performing more than one operation with one tool – that is the logical conclusion of our all-encompassing understanding of how processes work. Our objective is to organise your processes in a way that is demonstrably more efficient.

Minimise set-up times and downtimes
You, too, can reduce non-productive times during machining operations. Combining individual steps reduces the number of tool changes and allows you to carry out simultaneous machining operations.

The result: Your productivity increases!

Maximum delivery time of 2-3 weeks – full speed ahead with Walter Xpress.

Reduce the number of tools you have in circulation
Walter Xpress minimises your delivery times. You will receive your custom-designed tool from the Walter Xpress range 2-3 weeks after the order is received, at the latest – usually even sooner. This helps keep your tool inventories low and significantly reduces the amount of capital you have tied up.

Save cash with Walter Xpress
Walter Xpress is fast, efficient and individually designed. These are qualities through which – depending on the number of machining operations – you can make enormous savings in comparison with conventional machining strategies.

Make use of the time for your core area of expertise.
Increasing your productivity with Walter Xpress gives you a remarkable degree of freedom. The time you gain creates considerable leverage, if you can use it for your own core area of expertise, for example.

Take advantage of having a certain planning security, even before delivery.
With Walter Xpress, you benefit from great certainty when planning – right from the very start. That's because the simulation is available as soon as the quote is provided.