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Tool innovations in turning


​G4014-P/DX18 parting-off system – parting-off system with SmartLock.

  • Reliable thanks to positive engagement design (no incorrect fitting of the cutting insert)
  • Tool change time reduced by 70% thanks to simple insert indexing in the machine
  • Increased cutting parameters and tool life due to new insert clamping
  • Maximum productivity and tool life thanks to new Tiger·tec® Silver PVD grade generation

Accure·tec – vibration-damped A3000 boring bars with QuadFit for the best results for long components.

A3000 Accure·tec boring bars

  • Broad scope of applications for machining expensive components reliably and quickly
  • Bore machining without vibration – for optimum surface quality
  • Maximum damping thanks to damping element flexibly mounted axially and radially
  • Vibration damping "preset" at the factory – ready for immediate use (no time lost tuning)

QuadFit exchangeable heads

  • Faster and more precise tool changes (± 0.002 mm)
  • Less non-productive time due to fast tool changes
  • Broad range of products with different machine interfaces allows for versatility

MU5 indexable insert geometry – peak performance on steel and stainless materials.

  • Can be used universally in a wide range of applications
  • Soft cutting action and maximum resistance to crater wear in the medium
  • cutting area – thereby reducing tool costs
  • Maximum process reliability thanks to controlled chip removal and chip breaking