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Product innovations – Adaptors

Walter CAT-V steep taper adaptors – precision from the spindle through to the cutting edge.


  • Extremely precise steep taper adaptors for CAT-V40 and CAT-V50 spindles
  • High level of stability thanks to taper design
  • High level of repeatability
  • Wide variety of adaptor variants
  • Can be used for milling and drilling operations

Walter AK182 hydraulic expansion chucks – powerful, highly precise and designed for universal use.


  • Meets all the requirements for a powerful, high-precision adaptor system
  • Up to 40% longer tool life
  • High level of concentricity and vibration damping, particularly for milling
  • Enables tool change in seconds without the need for peripheral equipment
  • Precise tool length adjustment and clamping against an adjustable stop