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Tool innovations in turning

Walter Cut MX: Multiply your success – with four cutting edges.

  • Tangential arrangement enables outstanding flatness and surface finish quality
  • Self clamping make tools user friendly
  • Maximum change accuracy thanks to dowel pin location in insert seat
  • Safe and easy to use: Cutting edge cannot be fitted incorrectly
  • If one cutting edge breaks, the other cutting edges remain usable
  • Maximum tool life thanks to the newest Tiger·tec® Silver PVD cutting tool material

PVD MS3 geometry with high-performance WSM01 grade – ideal combination of new grade and geometry.

  • Burr-free components
  • Less build-up on the cutting edge thanks to sharp cutting edges
  • Machines unstable components with no problems owing to low cutting pressure
  • Direct cooling on the cutting edge due to the jet guiding geometry
  • Coating and substrate remain hard even at high machining temperatures
  • Ideal for copy turning thanks to the curved design of the cutting edge

FM5 and RM5 jet guiding geometry – maximum cooling and tool life with ISO M.

  • Optimal cooling and maximum productivity
  • The design of the cutting edges reduces notch formation and crater wear
  • Improved chip breaking thanks to jet guiding geometry
  • Tiger•tec® Silver coating with PVD Al2O3 heat shield for maximum tool life
  • For universal use in standard ISO turning toolholders or tools with Walter precision cooling