Precision tools

Maximum quality and innovation

Walter manufactures innovative precision tools for milling, turning, drilling and producing high-quality threads. Our aim: To provide our customers with tools with the best possible quality for their application. Premium tools with the highest levels of precision, performance and cost-effectiveness for cutting or machining metal.

Precision in all parts

This is possible because we, as the developer and manufacturer of our precision tools, pay attention to every small detail. From the choice of the ideal cutting tool material, e.g. carbide (solid carbide), cubic boron nitride (CBN) or high-speed steel (HSS), to the macro and micro geometry of the tool cutting edges, right through to grades and surface coatings that are compatible with the specific application. All of this helps make it possible for metal machining in your company – and therefore the production of your workpieces – to be performed especially efficiently and with the greatest precision. In plant construction, mechanical engineering and mould making, as well as in the automotive, aerospace or energy industries. In addition to a wide range of precision tools, as an expert partner for machining technology, Walter can provide you with many other tools on request, 

Walter can provide you with many other tools on request, which you can use to optimise your production. These include, for example, the development and production of high-precision special tools. Custom-designed for your specific requirements – and complemented by services perfectly tailored to your company's needs. Examples of this include integrated solutions for planning and optimising your production processes, logistics and maintenance, and digital solutions for networking machines and tools, and optimising their work using real-time data. It's best if you experience it for yourself. As an experienced and reliable partner for precision tools for milling, turning, drilling and threading, we can give you help and advice at any time.