Walter product data

Data for your systems

You want to improve your electronic purchase processes, your component planning or production scheduling? You are an official Walter Channel Partner and want to show Walter products in your web shop?

Walter provides you with product data to achieve this goal – for our current range of standard tools, in various formats. Ideal for all users who want to get a quick overview.

The complete catalogues, based on our current range of products (e-catalogues), are offered in German, English and other languages on the Walter website.

Users who are looking for specific product data information, can find them in the Walter Online Catalogue.
Such as:

  • 2D drawings in various formats
  • 3D models, in detail and for simulation
  • product data (characteristics) in accordance with DIN 4000.

The data in the download area is only available to registered users!

Walter cutting tool product data is now available on MachiningCloud. You can access 40,000 tool items.